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4 Piece Cooling Towel Set
(blue + red + green + violet)
Price: $39.96
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4 Piece Cooling Towel Set
(bright blue + orange + charcoal black + white)
Price: $39.96
Sale: $15.95Prime
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Here at NoApollo, we're a team of athletes and outdoors enthusiasts located in Los Angeles, California. We're keen on health and fitness and we can typically be found either hiking in the mountains, cycling on the beach, surfing, distance running, or taking part in some random outdoor activity.

Summer is no doubt, our favorite time of the year, but it also presents us with the challenge of extreme heat. After one too many workouts stopped short due to heat exhaustion, we knew we had to find a better way to cool ourselves off.

PVA cooling towels quickly became our ally to combating the heat, but like all the solutions before, they had their own set of problems. The PVA material was rubbery, awkward to wear, and it got hard when it dried.

Blue towel We saw this as an opportunity to create something better using the same evaporative cooling technologies that the PVA towels used. We wanted something soft, lightweight, wearable, and fashionable. Something that could double over as both a headband and a body towel. Hence, we created our first cooling product - NoApollo Cooling Towels.

Swirl NoApollo cooling towels are made of a soft breathable microfiber polyster and polyamide mesh composite. When the towel is wetted, wrung out, and then waved in the air (like a sandy beach towel), it creates a hyper-evaporative funnel of air throughout the fabric. The rapid circulation of air rapidly pulls heat away from the body and gives off an instant chilling effect. When water evaporates, it gets cold. It's as simple as that.

Keeping the body at a low internal temperature is necessary for optimal performance. Cooling the body down promotes relaxation, accelerates recovery, boosts energy, and increases mental clarity.

In high impact sports such as mixed martial arts, a prepped cooling towel during a quick rest interval can drastically lower the body's internal temperature within seconds. In endurance sports such as long-distance running, a cooling towel can be used as a headband or neck tie to reduce fatigue and keep you going harder for longer.

Many have discovered that our cooling towels are the fastest and most effective way to quickly cool off during warm weather and intense physical training. And many high-level athletes have stated that cooling towels have become an essential part of their toolkit that helps them to perform at their very best.


*Simply re-wet and repeat the process to re-activate.*

3rd Option 1:
4 x Instant Cooling Towels (36"x12") - 1 Blue, 1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Violet

4 stacked2 Option 2:
4 x Instant Cooling Towels (36"x12") - 1 Bright Blue, 1 Orange, 1 Charcoal Black, 1 White

Q: How can I buy NoApollo Cooling Towels?

A: For now, we sell exclusively on

Q: How do you activate the cooling effect?

A: Soak or wet the towel, wring it out, and shake it. The towel will chill instantly. Re-wet and repeat to reactivate.

Q: What's the proper way to use these towels?

A: There are many. You can use it like a regular towel, drape it over your shoulders, wear it as a headband or arm wrap, tie it around your neck, etc.

Q: How long does the cooling effect last for?

A: The cooling effect usually lasts up to 2 hours on a hike in mild to warm weather. At room temperature, it lasts longer. It highly depends on air temperature and humidity.

Q: Do these get hard when they dry?

A: Unlike PVA towels, these remain soft after they dry.

Q: Are these machine washable?

A: Yes! They are machine washable (warm or cold) and the colors do not bleed out. Air drying is preferred.

Q: Does each towel come in a seperate container?

A: No. The towels are packaged together in a single poly bag with the "cooling activation" instruction card. This way we keep our product eco-friendly, and do not waste material on bulky packaging.

Q: What material are these made of?

A: An 80% microfiber polyster and 20% microfiber polyamide composite.

Q: Does the water used have to be cold? I work outdoors and while I have water with me it is not always cold.

A: Nope! The evaporative cooling process begins instantly regardless of water temperature!

Q: Are there any new NoApollo products coming in the near future?

A: Yes! We have some exciting new cooling products coming soon. Be the first to know by following us on Instagram!

5star  Awesome
By Tiff on October 3, 2016
I love these cooling towels. They are so easy to use, just wet the towel, wring it out then snap or shake it. They are easy to tie around your head or neck to keep you cool. These are great to use while working outside or exercising. I like that you get four different colors that way each family member knows which towel is theirs. They are great to tie around your neck if you have a headache. They are lighter weight then some of the other cooling towels which I like...some of the others are WAY too heavy and make you even hotter. I will be recommending these to everybody I know.
5star  Living in Florida these towels are a must.
By Sunny in Florida on October 18, 2016
I bought the NoApollo Cooling Towels (Set of 4 - Blue + Red + Green + Violet), and I'm very happy with my purchase These towels are really a life saver for me, because I live in Florida and really need to stay cool while doing many outdoor activities. Mowing, working in the yard or fishing the Cooling Towels keep me comfortable so I don't get over heated. Great deal for the 4 towels, I'm very happy.
5star  Best bang for your buck! Same quality as the popular brands!!
By Ira on September 23, 2016
Ever since my first cooling towel purchase (Mission brand) at the beginning of summer, I have been using these things like crazy. I decided to try this brand because they offer a pack of 4 towels for about the cost of 2 individual towels of the more popular brands, basically a buy 1 get 1! Also, having more towels allows me to do less laundry. I do a lot of Crossfit and play competitive singles tennis. This means a lot of intense exercise and short rest periods. I make the most of my rest periods by using these cooling towels. All I do is wet, wring, and drape it over my back. The chilling effect takes about a minute, but it cools me down really well! This is an EXCELLENT product and I highly recommend it to anyone who cares about fitness and pushes themselves to the limit.
5star  I love the colors they're bright and don't get lost easily
By James and Cassandra Beckley on October 6, 2016
I ordered these cooling towels to use myself and share with my mother, we both work outside and in really hot weather, I love the colors they're bright and don't get lost easily, I keep them in my cooler while I'm at work and when I get hot and need a break use them on the back of my neck! They're wonderful! The fabric holds the moisture well without dropping and they do the job well! I have used them at the gym also, they're perfect gym towels!
5star  Super Cool Product!
By Steven Ojeda on May 28, 2017
Absolutely love these. Perfect for hiking in the sun and/or working out. Wearing it as a bandana also drapes the ends over your neck so your neck keeps cool as well. It ties nicely so you don't have to carry or hold onto it either. Highly recommended.
5star  Definitely recommend
By Jenya on October 28, 2016
I have a great collection of cooling towels going and these are by far my favorite. I use them alllllll the time! I use them for cooling my toddler while we're at the fair... I use them for hot yoga... I use them as chill mats for my pets. They are just the most handy thing to have. I keep them in my car, around the house, and in my diaper bag. They are very lightweight (especially compared to some of my other cooling towels... which tend to live in my closet now and get no use.) The fabric is very breathable. It doesn't feel like an overly absorbant fabric, but it is. The size is great- they are rather large but so thin, you can fold them to practically nothing. I also love that they have different colors in the set- it's easy to know which one needs to be washed, and which one is for the baby and which is for the puppy :)
5star  They Work!
By Sonya Wright on October 3, 2016
I've purchased a set of cooling towels before and they simply didn't work, so I understandably was suspicious but also in desperate need. The NoApollo cooling towels WORK! They work! I live in the valley of California and it get hots, the heat is no match for these towels. I've used them in boot camp three times so far and I'm very satisfied. I felt completely different during my outdoor workout. Please pay close attention to the directions to get the full cooling effect of the product. I highly recommend this product.
5star  A great way to keep cool during hot summer months
By Sandy on September 20, 2016
A great way to keep cool during hot summer months. I originally purchased these cooling towels because I participate in a lot of outdoor sports and was getting overheated. They're lightweight so it's easy to maneuver around with you if you're traveling. It's definitely a great alternative to melting ice cubes that can cause more mess. I usually wring it out and drape it around my neck - instantly cools me down a few notches.
5star  Wonderful product!
By Karen Halgren on October 11, 2016
Love these cooling towels! I wore the purple one to an outdoor baseball game and it worked wonderful to help keep me cool. I have a spinal cord injury so have a hard time regulating my body temperature. I wet it before I left home, drove the 45 min. to the venue, stayed outside for 4 hrs, came home and my neck was still cold and the towel was still damp. Temp outside was about 95 in the shade(we live in Phoenix so it's a dry heat,lol). I would definitely purchase these for family members. The material is really soft- they're almost like a scarf type material- you can use as a scarf around your neck, use as a bandanna, use around you head and more. Highly recommend if you're out in the heat for any length of time.
5star  Cooling Towels that work great, and great in size.
By Lisa M Martin on May 21, 2017
This is my second purchase order of these cooling towels. They work awesome in cooling you down on the treadmill, hiking, running or just sitting by a pool. They are great in size to give you flexibility on how you want to wear them like a bandana, around the neck or covering your whole head. I have even tied one to my little pup so when we go on hot walks here in Florida she somewhat gets a cooling feel around her neck. There are so many ideas to use these cooling towels. I have inserted a few pics!
5star  Excellent product!
By Gabby Nippert on June 11, 2017
Loved these towels. Used it for workout classes and hiking. Absorbent and lightweight. Refreshing and really cool. Long enough to use as a bandana or drape around the waist. Colors are vibrant and the price is right. Four towels in a package comes handy for the family.
5star  Love the cooling towels
By S. nl on June 2, 2017
These cooling towels are perfect for me! I have MS. If I get hot, I get sick. You may know someone who has this disease. If you do, please forward this to them. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made! It is summer in Tennessee, and in Nashville, we have the humidity of a gulf state. These towels are so easy to maintain and use when you are going to be outside in the heat. I soak the one I want (there are four with this set) and ring and snap and I am ready to go. I wear then around my neck or around my head as a head band and sometimes I put it on my head. I have also used one to go under my clothing to stay cool for a couple of hours.